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Tunnel pre-treatment design and construction

For industrial painting

Coiver, in Lecco, has been a leader for years in the design of special treatment systems for materials and specialises in the design and construction of pre-treatment tunnels, required for the chemical pre-treatment stages before coating of the materials.

Integral parts of the most modern painting plants, including this one and its related machinery components, are designed with the aim of obtaining an optimal final result on any material.

For powder and spray coating

Before going through the spray booths, the treated piece passes through the pre-treatment tunnel, where it is prepared for the actual painting with a cleaning and deep washing process.

In these machines, the aluminium and metal are treated with water up to 60° and alkaline solutions, demineralised or enriched with zirconium, depending on their nature and the processing they will receive. 

Often, subsequent blasting processes are also taken into consideration when the metals need a stronger treatment and more direct action.

Tunnel pretreatment

Customised, tailored plant

Coiver is also able to design preparation and treatment systems for different materials, following all the phases of the machining process. This is one of the most important services offered by the company in Lecco, as in this way it can respond, appropriately and professionally, to the numerous requests and processing requirements of its customers. 

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