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About Us

We are a small company with great qualitative and quantitative potential; we use internal and external specialists with many years of experience.

The carpentry is divided between two companies, in one of which we have a shareholding and therefore direct control.

The company's main drivers are Gianpiero Penati and Desiro Gortan, and the latter, already with thirty years of experience in plant engineering, has allowed us to enter particular sectors of finishing such as houseware (pots and pans) with the development of furnaces with operating temperatures up to 500 °C (Teflon firing). 

The company also draws on the twenty-five-year experience of Gianpiero Penati gained in the powder application field (booths, spray/recovery equipment, etc.).

Coiver S.r.l. has deliberately chosen to operate mainly in foreign markets, and in Hungary it owns the "COIVER HUNGARY" company with local specialists; an engineer supported by other people that closely follow our customers in Hungary and in Romania.

In Cairo, we collaborate with our subsidiary "INTERMASS" and for several years we have been supplying our plants to small and large companies in Egypt.

We also collaborate with an important Austrian engineering company for a series of plants for the pretreatment and finishing of drums, cylinders, canisters, etc. and we have developed and installed these plants in several countries in North Africa and the Middle East (Morocco, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Jordan, Iraq).

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