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Booths for pressurising process

The booths for the pressurisation process developed by Coiver are used to extract vapours, solvents and particles that are produced during industrial painting. Intended for companies and factories in the sector, these plants are designed and built with attention to detail and with innovative systems for long life and maximum functionality.


Purification and filtration

For all industries that deal with painting operations of pieces with colours and solvents of various kinds, including aggressive and chemical substances, pressurisation booths are plants of paramount importance. Thanks to the presence of electric fans, these structures allow air to enter the plant and then aspirate it towards the filter element, in order to emit purified air externally. The vapours produced from the painting process are captured in two phases, lowering and purification, through special very powerful filtering batteries made with cellulose and resin cartridges and using activated carbon. Coiver's professionals design tailored pressurisation booths that are compliant with safety standard for toxic emissions, using modular panels with galvanised steel and insulating material for the structure. To learn more about the details of the plants developed by the Lecco-based company, Coiver, call +39 (0)341 251 352.

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