Hi-tech, high quality

Liquid paint booths

Design and production

Coiver in Lecco, produces liquid spray booths characterised by high quality standards and offers a design service to build custom systems, according to the production and finishing needs of each customer. 

Liquid and spray painting systems

Liquid paint finishing is used to treat metal, wood and plastic objects.

The materials used can be both water-soluble and solvent paints applied by spray or immersion mode. The Coiver company produces finishing booths built with extreme care to prevent dust and impurities from entering the system and compromising the final quality of the painted items.

These systems and related booths are available as water veil or dry. In order to offer customers a complete service, the company's production also includes the supply of pre-treatment systems for aluminium, iron and zinc surfaces.

Liquid paint booths

Pressurised and semi-pressurised booths

Customers that operate in sectors such as furniture or the automotive industry require special facilities that enhance the aesthetic appearance of manufactured items. Pressurised and semi-pressurised cabins are definitely the best choice because they ensure industrial finishing of remarkable quality.

The pressurised systems used, in fact, optimise the uniform distribution of the paint. The individual booth configurations are determined with the customer according to their specific production requirements.

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