Hi-tech, high quality

Plant for cataphoresis

Based in Lecco, Coiver is a leader in the design and implementation of plants for cataphoresis. In the light of the now many years of experience, the company offers complete, modern and functional painting lines, able to meet the specific needs of customers. The service is complete with the provision of specialised support, spare parts and components.


Excellent corrosion protection

A surface coating treatment capable of making metal elements resistant to corrosion, cataphoresis consists of the uniform deposit of special epoxy or acrylic resins on the surfaces to be treated. The process ensures excellent protection of the item treated by the action of chemicals or other agents, while also improving the adhesion of paint finishes. Acrylic resins, unlike epoxy substances, can remain in direct contact with atmospheric agents, maintaining their technical characteristics and ensuring greater protection against rust..


Full cationic systems

In high demand in the automotive industry, the cataphoresis plants made by Coiver are among the best in the sector. Innovative, functional and reliable, the systems have all the components for the cationic treatment of metals, from piping systems to the pre-treatment tunnel, from degreasing devices to those for phosphating, from paint tanks to drying ovens. For more information and technical advice: +39 (0)341.251352.

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