Hi-tech, high quality

Pretreatment plants: design and construction

For powder coating and dipping

Known for the development of advanced production systems for the finishing of metallic and plastic materials, COIVER is also specialised in the design and production of plants for pretreatment and painting. Advanced techniques and high quality materials are the strong points of the firm, which targets companies looking for sophisticated machinery for the preparations of materials to be processed and transformed.

Painting plant: immersion and spray, with different machines, all high quality

Pretreatment plants are fundamental for preparing various kinds of materials, from iron to aluminium to alloys, to painting and industrial processing of artifacts, which can also be complex.

The Lecco firm boasts consolidated experience in the design and implementation of this special industrial machinery and in designing painting plants.

Immersion and spray-based, the machines produced by COIVER achieve consistently high quality standards, guaranteeing accurate machining and long life. Steel, carbon, SAE 304/316/3164 stainless steel and reinforced moplean are some of the materials used by the firm, all certified for reliability.

Design for customised production

The study of customised pre-treatment facilities, from painting rooms to machinery designed for powder coating, is a qualified service that sets Coiver apart from other companies in the industry.

The Coiver professionals have always been able to design systems for the preparation of different materials to meet production requirements that can also be very demanding, requiring machinery with high technological content.

In addition, the company provides customers with essential accessories to complement the functions of the machinery, such as demineralisers, purifiers and oil separators.

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