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industrial ovens: manufacture and set up

For industrial coating systems

Industrial ovens play a fundamental role within the industrial coating systems, since they allow the paint to dry. Coiver, Lecco, deals with the design and set up of structures for the de-watering and drying paint and those for the polymerisation of powders.

Uniformity of temperature and zero dispersion

The proper operation of these structures is measured by the uniformity of the internal temperatures, which, in turn, determine the reduction of the levels of dispersion electrical energy towards the outside. Inside the drying and baking sections are divided so as to ensure a final result without smears.

Coiver decided to devote itself to the manufacture of industrial ovens to make its range of painting plant and related equipment even more complete . When powder paint is applied, for example, it cannot be done without an oven: the oven is, in fact, the only way to control times and temperatures and thus guarantee perfect curing.

Types of ovens

Industrial ovens can reach temperatures between 80 and 550 degrees centigrade and are equipped with rock wool or ceramic fibre insulation. The following models form part of the Coiver range:

  • Direct exchange
  • Indirect exchange
  • Infrared rays
  • Electric
  • Gas
  • Programmable process cycle ovens

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