Hi-tech, high quality

Painting plant

Paint robots and spray guns

Coiver designs and manufactures high-level painting plant , equipped with every feature to ensure quality results and a high degree of professionalism. Each structure designed and built by the Lecco company, in fact, is fitted with the best equipment, selected from the most advanced technologies. From paint robots to spray guns: they are all designed to make the finishing on plastic and metal artefacts faster and more efficient whatever their size and intended use.

Through accurate consultancy and use of the most advanced technologies, our company is able to ensure effective and reliable solutions for customers operating in many different sectors.

Industrial painting "turnkey solutions"

For years, Coiver has been active globally in the field of industrial painting, designing complete automatic, semi-automatic and manual plant for the treatment of articles in ferrous, galvanised, plastic, aluminium and metal alloy materials in general.

By relying on the company, the customer can be sure of a customised "turnkey" service. Our engineers will study in depth the customer's production requirements providing complete solutions as regards the finishing of manufactured articles of any size. The plant includes automatic robots with 4, 5 or 6 axes - with a spray gun for painting, workpiece handling systems, as well as various accessories for complete automation of the production lines.

Painting plant

Customised technical support

Coiver staff will provide technical support for the programming of machinery and helping operators to become familiar with the control systems of machine tools, which are extremely intuitive and designed for self-learning. The high quality of the products processed by the company in Lombardy and highly competent consulting guarantee optimisation of production costs and cost reductions.

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